Hello, we are Lucid and we are pleased to welcome you at our web page. We built our company on passion, positive energy and creativity. We come from different backgrounds and gained experience in various different projects but decided to unite our forces to make the best experience for you. Working separately, we created the best party in Poland in 2014 (ranked by muno.pl). We were making banquets for the biggest companies from around the world. We worked in the best concert halls of Poland. Once, we accidentally met each other and realized: together we will do great things. Each of us is a professional in his/her area. We are able to make perfect sound in the biggest and hardest areas, coordinate every detail for the gorgeous banquet and organize the party of your dreams. Moreover, we can help to organize separate parts of your own project or provide technical facilities. We are based in Lower Silesia, but will be eager to work in any part of Poland. We are looking forward to having contact with you! We are working for you, for us and for fun.